A bold new idea

The Virtual Parliament is a proposal for a new political system – an on-line “Peoples Parliament” that would supplement the existing system and have 10% of the voting power on any policy decisions.

In 2010 an extensive YouGov poll was commissioned to test the concept, demonstrating broad support. 75% of people felt it was a very or fairly good idea, with 52% of people saying they would vote for it in a referendum, and only 25% saying they would vote against.

A hybrid of representative and direct democracy, the Virtual Parliament would greatly increase the choice of representatives to vote for – allowing people to vote for anyone in the country – with representatives receiving power directly proportional to the number of people voting for them. The public would also be directly empowered in the policy decision making process.

The results of the poll, which explain the concept in detail, are here.

The Virtual Parliament was launched just 2 weeks before the 2010 general election and, as a result, failed to gain much traction. However, with the next general election set to be unpredictable and the political landscape open to a wider range of party’s there is a rising interest in radical change to our political system.

The 2010 YouGov survey results are being re-shared, and made publicly available for the first time on this website, to support wider debate and consideration of new forms of democracy.

The intention is to stimulate discussion about electoral change rather than just promoting this specific idea. If you’re interested in changing our political system for the better, or would just like to discuss this further, please get in touch.